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These are some great Bible based study helps. But I don't just use these products for Bible study in my homeschool. They help ME in my personal study as well as in preparing for Bible classes. In addition, they offer excellent reference points for a chronological study of history, which is how we study in our school room.

Often times Bible classes jump from the stories of the Exodus and entering into Canaan right into the New Testament with very little focus on the judges, kings and prophets. I think this is because it is sometimes difficult to teach the context of how they fit into the Bible timeline, but several of these products address this timeframe. Let me assure you, Me & My House has done their research. They are scripturally based with accurate information. Don't let the fun, colorful character graphics fool you, these products are filled with Bible facts that are important for any student of the Bible to learn and know regardless of age.



If you have used any of our products in your own teaching, and want to share your story, please contact us!