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Betrayal Cards


Treat your children to cards that will help them learn about Jesus' apostles. Betrayal plays like "Old Maid". Don't get stuck with Judas!

  • 50 plastic coated cards - regular playing card size
  • 4 cards of each of the 12 apostles
  • 4 facts on the bottom of each apostle card
  • 2 wild cards of the apostle Matthias
  • BONUS - 4 other game instructions included (see below)

Other game instructions included are:

Fishers of Men

Plays like "Go Fish". Ages 4 & up

Point version of Fishers of Men

An advanced game for older children. They will learn facts about each apostle listed on the bottom of each card with the additional strategy of "catching" the most points. Ages 8 & up

The Chosen

One must collect all 12 apostles in his hand. Ages 8 & up

Memory Game

Place cards face down and remember where the card face down matches the apostle card facing up.

These cards are also a great visual for children as young as 3. You can sing the apostle song (words included) and hold up each apostle card.

Price: $5.99