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Kings & a Queen Timeline with Maps

Ways to utilize your Kings & a Queen Timeline with Maps

Enhance your child's visual skills by showing her when King Solomon built the temple in relation to when King Joash became the youngest king.

Show during which king's reign a prophet prophesied.

Children love geography. We encourage you to not only use the maps that are included with this timeline but also a globe. Show your child where these events took place on the globe and then point out to them where they live.

Use the pronunciation guide included on the timeline and say the name of the king together.

Consistently use the complete timeline on the backside of the Kings & a Queen Timeline with Maps. It shows Eden to the end of time and indicates in purple the time frame this particular timeline covers. The complete timeline should be used for all Bible history lessons so that your child can grasp the "big picture". Quite often children are shown very detailed timelines but not a general over view. Children become lost and are unable to conclude during what generalized time a Bible history a lesson falls.

Quiz your child's knowledge by using the graphics on the cover. For example, "Tell me which king had a heart for God?" David!

Other products that relate to the Kings & a Queen Timeline with Maps

Passages of the Prophets - While playing this game, refer back to the timeline to point out little snipets of which king reigned at the time of their message. Use the maps to which nation the prophet prophesied

Sword of the Lord - Look at the timeline to see when the kings reigned and a map in perspective to the battlefields.