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About Us

We are glad you want to learn a little about who we are. We believe it is important to choose Bible products from people you can have confidence in.

Me & My House, Inc. began as a search for a better way to create visuals for children. In that search, we realized that there is a lack of good truly Bible-based products for youths. This not only included visuals, but also auditory and hands-on products. We further found that there were few classbooks for young children and those that were available skip so many important lessons that our children need to learn in the early years. We believe that children can be taught something from every book of the Bible. Since each child learns differently, we believe in creating products to assist learning and teaching with visual, auditory, and kinetic aids. In teaching children, enthusiasm should be evident. We hope our products invoke that excitement.

For many children living in Christian homes, the majority of their targeted spiritual education comes from Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes or Vacation Bible School sessions offered by a local church. While these classes may provide excellent instruction, they were never meant by the Lord to be a child's primary source of spiritual education. In God's plan, the home is to be the hub of a child's religious experience. A few hours of instruction each week can never be a substitute of involved parents.

Any father or mother who has boldly sought to fill this amazing role can testify that it is not easy. We want to assist you in your endeavors to teach your children how to serve and glorify our Lord. Furthermore, it is our mission to publish biblically-founded products to help you in preparing yourself and your children to meet God.

To learn more about Me & My House, Inc. our products and our destinations, we invite you to click around this site, or contact us.